As a little girl, I had many outer body experiences and communicated with what I learned later to be spiritual guides. My “imaginary friends” were wonderful ascended masters and teachers, empowering me to connect with my creative skills: dancing, drawing, singing, and sewing. Creativity was my passion, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

As I reached the age of 11, my outer body experiences and communication with my guides began to frighten me, as I was not consciously aware of what was happening to me. Spiritually levitating from my bed and communicating with my guides was not a normal thing to discuss to family members or my friends at school. 

The programming of society and culture confused me, as restriction rather than freedom seemed to be the norm. Instead of expressing, I chose to repress my intuitive gifts and accept my fear of the unknown.

I chose to feel “safe” by ignoring my artistic gifts on a bigger scale, and proceeded into the academics. My illusion was that in order to be loved and accepted by society and culture, I needed to give my power and energy away. And that meant being a people-pleaser.

Architecture was the career I entered into and it allowed me to express my artistic talents, but yet be safe and accepted. In my early 20’s, I worked a full-time job at an architect firm in Toronto, living the high-stress life and working many hours. This lead to an unbalanced lifestyle and eventually, anxiety and depression. At 26, I felt the deep urge to find my truth and move myself out of a dark tunnel.

My first experience in energy healing was through homeopathy. This opened a portal for me as I deeply explored reiki, other energy healing modalities, akashic record readings, and recovered my gifts and talents through intuitive coaching.

Within a year, I became a Reiki Master, an Akashic Record Consultant, and with a big leap of faith, moved across the country to Vancouver.

I am now a international multi-dimensional healer, soul coach, Akashic Record Consultant and teacher of the Soul Journeys® Method, creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation healing method, and artist. I have served thousands of people globally facilitating Akashic Record readings and energy healing assisting people on attracting healthy relationships, aligning to their soul's purpose, including including three Galactic Journeys large healing events at the Planetarium in Vancouver, BC.

The key elements that empowered my exponential growth were courage and faith. Without these two elements, energy becomes stagnant, and this is how fear takes over. Through Lotus Destiny, I am fulfilling my soul purpose.

If you are ready to take the leap of courage and faith to live in alignment with your destiny, contact me today at, so that we can explore the magical possibilities and take quantum leaps!