Jennifer Longmore of Soul Journeys created the Soul Journeys Method of Akashic Record intuitive readings after years of facilitating over 20,000 healings through her various sacred tools, including the Akashic Records. Now, you can learn to participate in the Akashic Record Certification Program where you will learn to access your own Record, and gain certification towards becoming an Akashic Record Teacher & Consultant. As a Consultant, you can share your greatness with others; this is part of being in service as a global citizen. 

The Lotus Destiny Soul Journeys Akashic Record Certification Program has three levels.

This is a miracle-rich, 5-part training designed to teach you how to instantly access your own Record, so that you can access limitless, divine guidance, and energy healing around the following topics:

  • The power of the Akashic Records and the infinite nature of the soul.

  • Accelerating your soul’s mastery, and much more.

  • Activating your divine gifts and co-creative abilities so that you can thrive.

  • Integrating the wisdom into your everyday life.

  • Clearing limiting patterns and energy blocks that hold you back.

  • Aligning to your soul purpose.

  • Accessing your Records and gaining crystal clarity about how you receive your divine messages.


Online product will be available in June 2019


*Please note that this purchase is non-refundable

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Online Training

This training will teach you how to access the Records of others. The Level 1 Self-Study System is a prerequisite before you can continue on to Level 2 or 3.

Date: June 15th & 16th 2019

10am-5pm PST

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This training will teach you how to access the Records of others. The Level 1 Self-Study System is a prerequisite before you can continue on to Level 2 or 3.

10am-5pm PST

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What People Are Saying


Meredith MacKenzie, edmonton AB

For those ready to hear and learn the truth, nothing is a more powerful tool. It opens your knowledge to unimaginable levels and is a must-have for anyone looking to advance themselves. The training is concise and well organized, in a perfect progression through the layers. At the end I felt accomplished, with no doubts about my ability to access my records. 


Shanaia Rai

Akashic Records training with Baljit was exactly what my soul prescribed. I learnt more about the soul than I thought I would and discovered new, empowering questions to ask myself and my clients. She is so graceful at holding powerful space and made me feel really safe and supported. She is highly intuitive and was able to clear deep blocks I had been carrying for years while also showing me new ways to clear it myself. 


Mirjana, Macedonia

I would recommend the class because it is a wonderful opportunity to tune into our deepest thoughts and feelings, become more Self-aware and clear anything that is preventing us from stepping into our full power and potential.

The overall feeling I had during the course was that I am safe and secure, that I am among dear old friend who love and support me and I experienced a lot of appreciation for everyone participating.