Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor - How to Escape the Drama Triangle

Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor - How to Escape the Drama Triangle

We all want what’s best for our loved ones. Mothers want to protect their children, spouses want to help their partners, siblings look out for one another and even good friends have your back. But sometimes this line can be crossed or become blurry. Things can occur where we find ourselves in situations where we need to come to the rescue of others.

The question is when is this okay, when do we cross the line to becoming an enabler and how do we know when to say enough is enough - to finally save ourselves, and the other from this trap.

How To Embrace Change By Reframing How You View It

How To Embrace Change By Reframing How You View It

“Remember that the only constant in life is change” – Buddha.

It seems today everyone is telling us to embrace change and that it’ll be the best thing that ever happened to us. That the most incredible opportunities come about from hardship, in the wake of change.

And that we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to really evolve. 

Letting Go Of Expectations

Letting Go Of Expectations

It’s a healthy reminder for us to stay in the present moment. To let us know that things are going to play out how they are meant to, not necessarily how we want them to - and for us to be okay with allowing things to happen as they need to. Detaching from the outcome is a mantra I’ve reminded myself of in many situations, and it has helped tremendously.

3 Ways to Tap Into Your Soul's Guidance & Leave Ego Behind


3 Ways to Tap Into Your Soul's Guidance & Leave Ego Behind

The Akashic Records are records of your soul’s energy and hold the key to who you really are. But sometimes, what your soul is saying is overshadowed by another internal energy, the Ego.

The Ego can be the toughest cat to wrangle. If you’re not careful it will reveal its incredibly sharp claws and take no prisoners. Going down the slippery slope of…




Many of us are led by ego, the social mask which we wear for the world, but our soul forever whispers, hoping we’ll listen and go within. While we may think the ego protects us, it merely acts as a barrier, getting in the way of our personal truth. Our biggest barrier to success in life is the ego, created based on the constructs of our upbringing, the society we were raised…



My name is Baljit, and I am a recovering people pleaser.

On the outside I looked like so many others, simply helping out the ones I love. This would be a terrible thing to say no to, wouldn’t it?

It took me way too long to…



Whether your version of “The Dark Lord” is drugs, bad relationships, traumatic memories, or maybe even wearing your own mask, the result is eerily often the same – we’ve been rocked from…



While it was exciting for us to watch Bella choose between Team Edward or Team Jacob, being with a vampire in real life sucks.

You know those days when your head finally hits the pillow and you crash out of sheer exhaustion, feeling…



Even though we can’t always see it, can’t reach out and grab it, or hold it in your hands, it’s present.

And either it’s powerful AF, or it’s deactivated.

We can feel it emanating from others, and when it courses through our veins we feel on top of the world…



Walking through a beaded curtain, you enter into a sacred space, fully equipped with humming and chanting. As the candles flicker, your eye catches the plethora of crystals that surround you, the incense ignites your senses. You join me in a cozy, dimly-lit room, filled with colorful drapery…



The start to every new year allows deep reflection and letting our old habits drop away like last year’s bad fashion choices.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to uplevel your energy in business and the bedroom – this is it.

I know where you’re at, because I was once there too.

Things look like they’re going well on the outside. Business is swimming along, friendships are blossoming, and the bedroom acts are satisfactory.

But, being okay with how things are is so 2017. This is a new year, so let’s create some new choices. Step into your power, grab what you’re truly after and embody the phrase “she means business” in all areas of your life.


When I discovered Akashic records, it was like a lightbulb exploded in my mind. Whaaaaat – you mean there’s a guidance system I can use to understand everything I’ve gone through?!

Akashic records are a full summary of our life events, thoughts, emotions, and words, that have occurred in the past, present, or future. They’re encoded in the etheric plane of existence, a non-physical one that exists in our realm of consciousness.

The truth is when we show up from a place of understanding, we empower ourselves to fully access our unique gifts and talents, allowing a life of alignment with our soul’s purpose.


By understanding how to tap into the senses – your sensuality – you embody the deep knowingness of who you are, allowing for healthier empowered relationships. The truth is that how we operate in the bedroom also reflects how we show up in business.

As the greatest connector to our creative expression and gifts, working with sexual energy is one of the greatest powers in society that ties all energies together. Over time, we’ve been programmed to repress this energy, keeping us stuck and in lack mentality.


1. Forgiving Betrayal – Betrayal by other, or yourself is immobilizing. By clearing unresolved energies that you’re hanging onto subconsciously or consciously you’re calling in forgiveness, letting down walls you’ve put up, and opening your heart to receive the goodness you deserve.

2. Clearing Shame and Guilt – You may have adopted these two life-disrupting traits from society, culture, religious, parental upbringing, through generations, and ancestral programming that has stifled your desire to express your gifts because you believe on some level to stick to the ‘norm’ in order to be accepted.

3. Overcoming Invisibility – Heal the aspects in your life where you don’t feel seen and heard. You will recognize your blocks and how it relates to being ungrounded, feeling scattered or paralyzed in your relationships and business. Finally giving yourself permission to be visible knowing that your truth creates a positive impact in the world.

4. Embracing your Sexual Power – Heal the misconceptions around sexual power through clearing imprints from society, cultural upbringing, religion, upbringing, and ancestral programming. Learn how it’s been stopping you from sharing your genius with the world and reclaim the universal truth of sexual power.

Once you’ve released all the four major blocks above, you’re ready to embrace your truth and reconnect to your creative gifts by taking action on expressing who you really are.

Armed with your Akashic Records as a guiding light, you’ll have the tools to approach life from an empowered perspective and avoid slipping back into old habits that no longer serve you going forward into 2018 and beyond.

Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning to a great exploration of the Akashic records. In the mean time, drop a comment below and tell us what aspects of your life could use some healing now.



How Your Value Can Sabotage Your Life

“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.”

This quote perfectly describes the theme that I have been witnessing over the last few weeks with my clients.  It was an old pattern of consistently needing to seek approval externally because of their lack of self worth.

This reminded me of how I used to be a people pleaser over giving my time, my energy, my power to my family, friendships, intimate relationships, and even my old workplace.

I had this misconception that if I rescue everyone by being a people pleaser I would be worthy and valued as a super awesome person.  Instead it was the complete opposite.  I felt drained, resentful, and felt like shit.

Not only did this lead to depression experiencing severe panic attacks on a frequent basis, I was at a point where I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to be on this planet.  

I had created a disconnect within myself by seeking approval from others.

I still remember that day back in 2005, I was sitting on my apartment balcony in Toronto and had my first conscious conversation with Source.  In deep surrender I said “Okay God...WTF! Tell me what to do.  Do I stay or do I leave?  If I am to stay please show me the way. I surrender”.  

This was me really saying “Am I valuable and worthy enough to be here on this planet? If so, show me the way.”

It was in the same week where the power of surrender, and making a request to the Universe that I received an email out of nowhere about the Akashic Records.   

Ask and you shall receive!

Intrigued and having no idea what the Akashic Records was, I nervously registered into having a reading, and the rest was history.  My Soul knew that this was a game changer for me.

Within 6 months of receiving readings and then learning the Akashic Records all in half a year all my panic attacks, depression went away by healing the root causes of it.  

I learned how I gave my power away to everyone based on the many programming past, present and parallel that interfered with my daily functions.  

As I chose to claim my power back I was finally able to see myself as a conduit of light, I (AND YOU) are fully worthy and valuable.  

You came here to learn and share your gifts to awaken the consciousness of the planet.  That is to LIVE for!

It is my passion and joy to teach the Akashic Records because to assist one in embodying their truth within brings the greatest transformations and shifts.

The more you search outside of yourself the more you will disconnect.

The more you search within yourself the more you will connect.

And so it is.  

Are you ready to tap into the truth of all that you are, and learn how to access the most powerful tool to support your Soul's existence?

Join me this September 24th & 25th for the Akashic Records Level 1 Certification, and connect to the power that is already within you!



Forgive Yourself...

The more you deflect awareness to yourself, the more your issues will repeat itself.  

As mercury moves into retrograde towards the end of this month past relationship patterns are resurfacing as an opportunity to clear deep karma and self sabotage by reclaiming self worth and setting clear healthy boundaries.

Most importantly my guides have been sharing the message to be very gentle and aware when experiencing intense emotions such as frustration, sadness, resentment etc.  My initial thoughts were “oh yay...crap”, however they reassured me that this is an initiation into activating the codes of alignment that have been lying dormant within.

These codes of alignment are keys to unlocking your greatest potential.  By awakening these codes you are able to access deeper information connected to your intuitive gifts. 

There will be less “looking out there” for answers and a sense of knowingness of your next action steps moving forward.  This is the next level of empowerment available to you creating rapid alignment to your soul’s mission. 

If you find yourself having thoughts such as...
“I thought I have already dealt with that!”
“Why does this keep happening?”

Circling in frustration like a hamster on a wheel, again be gentle, and take this as a positive gesture than a negative to clear the deepest root cause to your pain and suffering that is preventing you from accessing your gifts.

This is part of the ascension process as pockets of dense energy that are holding trauma locks in your cellular memory are being released.  In raising your vibration these trauma locks will reveal itself, so it is important to remain with a state of truth and awareness, being in observation instead of reaction.

Think of it like being a Jedi, when you experience a reoccurring pattern ask your higher self to go deeper in how to remain in a state of truth instead of reaction. 

There is a difference in embracing your truth than reacting to it.  Reaction comes from resistance of letting go of the old constructs that deflect your truth.  


Forgiveness of Self

The parts where you thought you have forgiven others for cannot be fully integrated till you have truly forgiven yourself.  Forgiveness of self allows you to surrender to your truth, and release the deep karma and self sabotaging energies.

You may carry guilt, shame, betrayal that may not be easy to look at.  It is time to give yourself permission to transmute your burdens and live your soul’s mission.

When choosing to surrender to your truth, reaction transform into compassion.  The state of compassion is where miracles happen.



How Death Became My Awakening

Have you ever heard the saying when there is death, there is life?

It has been seven months since a dear friend and soul brother passed away.  He was a best friend to many who brought so much pizzaz into peoples lives with his big muscular tattooed body, bleached split horned goatee, piercings, shiny bald head, and a big smile.  Although his looks may have been deceiving, he was a teddy bear that gave the longest care bear hugs till the guarded walls would disintegrate into eternity.

What was difficult for me to digest was that my friend chose to leave this physical plane by taking his own life.  It was a wake up call of how powerful our thoughts can be with the free will we have to take an empowered or disempowered path.

His death activated me so deeply where I was reflected back of times from early adulthood to a young teenager having those thoughts of not wanting to be here on this planet.  I felt like I didn’t belong like a lonely star being alien, confused, and misunderstood, when really I didn’t know myself.

I didn’t know what my Soul’s Purpose was, and parts of me were already checking out.  My Soul wanted to know the Truth of who I really am.

I then chose to look at those past fragments of the early adulthood to the young teenager self where those thoughts were hidden and stagnant within my present self.  I chose to wake those fragments up by speaking to all parts that have declared not to be here, to BE Here.  I shared to those parts our Soul’s Purpose so that we can be congruent with the present self to live an empowered path.

We are multidimensional beings.  That means our past self and future self exist in the now, and we have access to all dimensions of ourselves to bring healing on all levels.

When we experience death, whether it is a physical death, a break up, leaving a career or location, or even taking a different path, there is an illusion of separation as old energies including karma are being released.  This triggers a response in your cellular memory mostly from your past self of any belief systems that lay dormant giving it an opportunity to be released upon your free will if you so choose.

The more suffering we experience the more attached we are to our belief systems as it is common to fear the unknown.

My friend's passing reminded me about my Soul’s Purpose, and to release the parts that were incongruent to it.  That means no more settling, no more bull***t, speak my truth more (honey badger style if need be), and to be a stand for my truth.

The three dimensional reality is precious and there is purpose in us all.  Choose your path wisely and leave your legacy in this world. 




My Bird Shit Blessing

You can imagine what I will be talking about today...that is right, I got shat on by a bird!

The other day I had an amazing morning co-facilitating a networking event, and after a very important meeting planning my next endeavors for Lotus Destiny I thought to myself walking home “Let’s take this path!”.

Feeling so giddy inside I turned the corner to take the path that was chosen, and it was like a movie in slow motion.  I saw a bunch people look up at the sky thinking they were just looking at a cool building, but no it was a BIG seagull.

Next thing I knew I got brutally soiled.  Thankfully, two women pulled me aside like Angels and immediately took out their wet-wipes to help me wipe off the wonderful bird shit from my face, my chest, the side and front of my shirt, my pants, and my legs!

The funny thing was the two women were excited for me saying that this was a big blessing.  I laughed, yet something deep inside switched as we continued to converse with each other.

It was in that moment my feelings of being completely embarrassed, and annoyed shifted into seeing this as a blessing.   It was all about perspective in how I was choosing to experience this incident, even if it looked a little shitty (literally).

Have you ever had anything happen to you where it totally threw your day off, or felt taken off your path?

Consider that this was part of your path the entire time, and by free will your soul chose to experience certain circumstances to receive the deepest wisdom and healing for your soul's growth.

By being a victim to your circumstances you limit your ability to embrace the wisdom required to raise your vibration and step into empowerment.  When you choose to be empowered, you free yourself from suffering, and experience the truth.

Train yourself to find the blessing in everything...



Are you willing to take the first step?

It has been over a week where I received an opportunity to house and dog sit for my cousin in LA.

When I first arrived I had everything planned to explore the city and meet friends.  My Soul on the other hand had a different plan.  As the week went by I was feeling a deep sense of sadness and grief wanting to cocoon myself, and stay inside.  I realized that I had some letting go to do, but could not pin point exactly what that was.

Being here in LA has forced me to sit with stepping outside of my comfort zone, by exactly doing that in stepping outside of Vancouver. I have created a safe haven for myself nested close to the water in my apartment, feeling cozy in my business in Vancouver.  My Soul, however, has been asking for more so I could be of higher service and more aligned to my purpose.

By accessing my Akashic Records I saw how I have keeping myself in a “safe” mold instead of expanding.  The illusion I was holding was if I stepped outside of this mold I would experience all kinds of rejection.  So instead of choosing to step out of my comfort zone to expand, I was choosing to contract.  Can you relate?

What areas in your life are you choosing to stay in your comfort zone when you know your soul is urging to expand (e.g. intimate relationship, location, business)?

When you choose to acknowledge the truth transformation happens.  It is the illusions that keep you trapped in creating unhealthy situations, and prevents you from truly living your purpose.

All it takes is one step in making an empowered choice in consciously creating what you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Are you ready to take that first step?

If so I invite you to learn how to access your very own Akashic Records in receiving direct guidance and support on your journey.  The Akashic Records is one of the deepest healing tools that can create rapid shifts and I'm excited to share this you.  Join me on June 24th and 25th for the online Akashic Records Level 1 certification training.  

Much love,



Reclaiming Your Soul Fragments

Do you ever feel fragmented where your soul feels scattered in different places? 

Feeling fragmented is a common symptom of being disconnected from your true self that can cause overwhelm, confusion, and stagnation in your energy field.

Why might this be happening?

Being in this three dimensional reality can be extremely overwhelming that sometimes the “safest” way to protect yourself is through distraction, avoidance, dissociation, and leaving your body which keeps you away from living your soul’s purpose.

When you experience trauma your soul will create a misconception or a story causing an interference pattern in your energy field.  This can create a feeling of being fragmented because your soul has decided that it is not safe to fully be in your body, or fully integrate your gifts (because you carry a misconception that you will punished, persecuted etc).

By bringing awareness to your misconception or story, the interference pattern is released from your energy field and you realign back to your Universal Truth.  Your Universal Truth is the truth of all that is beyond the human truth.  It is the very thing that allows you to live your soul’s purpose, and express your divine gifts and talents.

Are you ready to clear feeling fragmented and ground back into your body so you can experience living your soul’s purpose?


Here is a Star Activation healing you can receive now to integrate and call back your soul fragments:

  1. Sit up straight and make sure you are in an uninterrupted space
  2. Focus on the Star Activation Blueprint image below and ask to receive energies of the highest light and order by imagining your soul fragments coming back to you from all spaces, times and dimensions.  There is not right or wrong, so allow your intuition to lead with how you choose to receive the energies.  You can even close your eyes if it helps, and call in all of your guides connecting to your higher self.  Take note if you see images or experience discomfort in your body as they are keys for you to look deeper into with where you may have misplaced your soul fragments.  Call all of your energy back till you feel complete.
  3. Notice how you feel, and journal any shifts in the next few days.

Ready to go reclaim back your personal power, and finally receive clarity on what your soul has been longing for?

To support you in your Soul's calling, receive your own personal Star Activation Soul Blueprint in reawakening who you really are.  Click on the button below for more info!