The Akashic Records are records of your soul’s energy and hold the key to who you really are. But sometimes, what your soul is saying is overshadowed by another internal energy, the Ego.

The Ego can be the toughest cat to wrangle. If you’re not careful it will reveal its incredibly sharp claws and take no prisoners. Going down the slippery slope of letting your ego be in control can be easy to identify, but the ability to stop it in its tracks is the tough part. 


Have you ever heard that little voice inside that you don’t quite recognize? The one that feeds into your inner mean girl, but when you listen and operate from that place, you’re left feeling icky and unrecognizable. The ego is that part of us that seeks approval. The one that will stop at nothing, trampling things in the way to get what we (think we) want. It’s the part of us that’s constantly seeking approval outside of ourselves, which puts us in a place of lack.