Do you have healthy boundaries?









Do you have healthy boundaries?

As you align to your soul’s purpose you may notice your relationships changing whether it is with an intimate partner, friends, business, or work.  Why is this?  It is because any old programming that is in the way of you aligning to your purpose are being released.  This also means old relationship patterns and dynamics can no longer play out as it doesn’t serve the new vibration that you are stepping into.

How often do you give yourself permission to step into this new vibration trusting and knowing that you are supported with the respect that you deserve?

Do you fear that by stepping up into a new vibration you will not receive support, receive a better relationship, or career?  If so then chances are you have unhealthy boundaries.  Don’t get confused though with having barriers.

Barriers are when you are “trying” to protect yourself to keep you safe.  This can also look like a form of control where you keep controlling your outcomes, situations, and relationships.

When you have barriers you block opportunities because there is a false belief system that is keeping you from your truth.  For example, if you believe that you are constantly inviting dark entities in your energy field and you have to shield yourself two thousand times a day, you are creating a barrier by carrying this false belief system.

If you believe that the “issue” or block is “out there” you are creating a barrier, when really it is inside of you.  By acknowledging the block is within there is an opportunity to step into your truth and release the old programming.

Healthy boundaries is when you embody your universal truth and choose to respect and honour that truth.  By embodying the universal truth you create freedom within, because you are choosing to be empowered and giving others the gift to do the same :)

Are you ready to create healthy boundaries for yourself and release your barriers?  Join me this weekend on March 19th & 20th for Akashic Records Level 1 Certification where you get to learn how to access your own Akashic Records and receive support in clearing your blocks.



Overnight Success Blog Tour

I wanted to share with you authentically about my journey of Lotus Destiny.  This story is part of a movement - the Busting The Overnight Success Myth: Community Blog Tour, where 21 ladies who have made their dream business a reality (in a variety of different niches) share what it really took for us to make this happen including the not so pretty stuff.

When Allison Braun (The Business Joyologist) shared her vision for this blog tour with me, I knew I wanted to be a part of it because I feel it is my mission to align people to their soul’s purpose so they can experience a vibration of success.  To me success isn’t just having everything that looks good on paper, it’s a lot more than that. If you have the material aspects of success (your ideal car, money, the perfect man, etc.) but inside you are not truly in love with yourself it doesn’t matter how much you do or how much money you make you won’t feel truly satisfied. What I want to share with you are the shadow sides of myself that you may relate to in this journey.

Your soul has a purpose in this life.  While running a business you are always aligning yourself to your soul’s purpose which naturally causes you to grow.  With growth can come some discomforts whether its directly in your business or relationships.  Whatever happens in your relationships also relates to your business.  I remember my former mentor Jennifer Longmore telling me “If you want to learn more about yourself, start your own business.”  You are your own boss in your business so you can either hide, or face the truth about yourself.  So here is my story. It's raw, real and includes things I've never shared before! 

I was an undercover jedi lightworker in the corporate industry.  In 2009 I had reached 7 years working at an architect firm as an architectural technologist.  Part-time I was teaching and consulting with clients using the Akashic Records, Star Activation system, Reiki, and other energy modalities.  I kept it very separate from my identity working in architecture.  I thought if I had fully revealed myself to others I would be considered completely “woo woo” when my deepest prayer was to share that we all have a natural ability to tap into our intuition and experience the power of our soul. 

I have to admit though other people thought I was successful, I was feeling unsatisfied in my life.  My external reality looked good, but my internal reality was not so healthy.  Even though I received a sweet paycheck I was seeking for a deeper meaning to life and working a 9-5 job was not the answer to my prayers.

As I entered into a leadership program I noticed that I was surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs and thought to myself “this is my tribe.”  I knew that this was a sign for me to leave my architectural job and allow my intuitive healing business to grow by stepping into my leadership role.  I am not going to lie, I was totally scared to leave my comfort zone and my lovely paycheck, but the thought of doing nothing was scarier.

When you take a big leap of faith the universe catches you with a big net.  I took a deep breathe and decided to go for it.  I left working at the architectural firm and was set free to fully embark in my business as an intuitive soul coach.  No sooner did I hire my former mentor full time to show me the loops in running a conscious business.  What was really special is that my mentor really got me and understood my gifts and inspired me to implement them and create my ideal services and programs.

It was not easy at first as I had to learn how to run a conscious business and support myself financially.  My first year I barely made anything, but something inside me knew to keep going as I was feeling much more happier with myself and growing. This time my internal reality was content and at peace, however my external reality was in lack.  Back to the drawing board!

By 2010 I rebranded my business and had the prettiest website!  I had shifted my business to focus on Goddess Empowerment for women with new Goddess coaching programs.  This time my internal reality was matching my external reality.  I could feel the vibration of success with many new long term clients and started a relationship with a man that felt in alignment to my purpose.   Six months going in to my personal relationship with my partner I started to give my power away tremendously and it was affecting my business.  The relationship was toxic and the energy was bleeding through into my business.

Here I was running Goddess Empowerment programs where I attracted a fair amount of clients, but behind closed doors I felt like I had not mastered being in my own Goddess power.  I was suffering in my intimate relationship where I had gained 25 pounds and was so angry at myself for not setting healthy boundaries.  I felt like I had lost my identity, like I had forgotten who I truly was.

After ending this relationship in 2011 I was in a raw state where I started to compare myself to other entrepreneurs.  I was very hard on myself and realized that I needed to reach into my own tool kit to claim back my Goddess power.  Self-compassion was a huge key in re-establishing love and honour for myself again. I hired a personal trainer and transformed my body which immediately reflected in my business.  By claiming back my Goddess power Lotus Destiny came back alive again.

In this next phase from 2011 to 2013 I was introduced to Kate Muker of The Conscious Divas and started co-hosting a networking gathering with April Tioseco Bellia of Granola Girl called Serendipity Tea Party.  All of a sudden I was surrounded by like minded women entrepreneurs who wanted to connect and create deeper conscious relationships.  Co-hosting the Serendipity Tea Parties and attending Diva Date Nights I felt myself surrender more into my purpose.  By connecting with other women I realized that we are all on the same path to self-realization as business owners.  It was so refreshing to know that we could all be authentic.  Through vulnerability came the courage and strength to be supported for my creative gifts.  I got to witness many women step into their purpose fully and it was so rewarding.  I also recognized that what makes me happy is connecting women together.  Again I could feel this vibration of success.

When I talk about the vibration of success it is where your heart chooses to remain open to trust, receive and the universe responds back.  Being around amazing, like-minded women created trust within myself and that self-confidence opened the door for me to receive more ideal clients.  I felt seen, understood and safe to really blossom as a soul.  It is important to celebrate your uniqueness by connecting with those that support your soul’s purpose.

As I awakened more to myself I realized it was part of my mission to help others awaken to themselves.  I started to experience a oneness with those that I was of service to and now I have come to believe I am co-creating a reality with them, celebrating our growth together.

I now find it easy to maintain a state of grace and gratitude, embracing challenges that arise and opportunities to love my shadow instead of resisting it.  I have also felt judgment for others fall away as I can embrace their shadow too.  I have come to realize that loving the dark is what transforms it.  Nothing new here, all the great mystics spoke of this, but when its your experience it becomes real. 

If you've ever felt alone on your journey or like you weren't as far as you "should" be, I invite you to check out more of these real-life stories by going here to join the Busting The Overnight Success Myth: Community Blog Tour.  I know sensuous Devi Ward shared her story yesterday along with other amazing ladies that started July 2nd.

With deepest love,

Baljit Rayat




Receiving support to your wounding versus your soul’s purpose

With the rapid increase in elevating our consciousness we are literally being forced to face our truth or to hide from it! I have been a witness to many as when it comes to having an awareness your vibration increases and shifts occur which then can cause change to relationships, your career and even your identity.

When choosing to step into your authentic power by living your soul’s purpose it is important to surround yourself with those that support you in doing so versus supporting you to live in your wounding.

When you receive support from others to live in your wounding you will notice a constant pattern of frustration, running in circles and most of feel trapped.

So how do you know if you are currently being supported in living your wounding versus living your soul’s purpose by others?

  • Your request or boundaries are not being heard or met
  • You feel that your “space” is being invaded
  • Your friend or colleague takes on your wounding so you can feel better temporarily
  • You feel drained at times
  • You feel resentful at times
  • You have disconnected from your authentic friends or colleagues who support you to live your purpose
  • You sometimes feel that you are walking on eggshells around your friend or colleague
  • You maybe carrying your friend’s or colleague’s wounding for the sake of “being love and accepted”

These are just a few.  If any of these sign’s speak to you chances are you are being supported to live in your wounding versus your truth.

Now if you are in this place then ask yourself how it serving you to have those support you in your wounding?

Do you believe that it is safe?

Do you believe that it is the only way to get energy?

Do you believe that if you are supported in to live in your wounding that it’s the only way to relate to others?

Do you believe that if you live your soul’s purpose that there is no such thing as support and that you will be all alone?!

Like attracts like, so if your associating with those that chooses to live in their wounding then on some level you are doing the same and not even aware of it.

There are many reasons as to why you may choose to live in your wounding.  If you have this awareness then have compassion for yourself and for others.  Your friends or colleagues are just as sacred as you are and it takes an empowered participant instead of a victim to break the pattern that not only serves you but those around you who were supporting you to live in your wounding.

When you choose to be supported to live your soul’s purpose you inspire others to do the same AND you feel freedom from within!

So what do you choose?

Be supported to live in your wounding or be supported to live your soul’s purpose?



Are Ascension Symptoms affecting you?

Since our powerful new moon and solar eclipse that happened on May 20th there has definitely been a rapid up-leveling with relationships, careers, and a sudden urge to find out more about connecting to a higher level of consciousness. Have you been feeling this way?

With these shifts in bringing more light to our physical self and our consciousness there has been many as what I like to call it “Ascension Symptoms”.

Ascension means raising your vibration and increasing more light in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and other bodies.

With that being said as more light comes in to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies, your subconscious blocks that no longer serve you are being pushed to the surface to be released.  This brings an opportunity for you to have an awareness of your blocks and heal so that you are raising your vibration with ease instead of full resistance to let go of what no longer serves you.

If however you choose to ignore your blocks or notice an imbalance to your physical, mental, emotional, and other bodies you may experience “Ascension Symptoms”.

“Ascension Symptoms” occur when the cosmic energies that are coming in are very strong and you have a hard time fully integrating all the energies. With more light coming into your physical and other bodies AND the planet there are a lot of releasing of toxins.

Here are some “Ascension Symptoms” that you may be experiencing:

  • Changing of sleep patterns
  • Feeling anxiety, stress or overwhelm
  • Old patterns, blocks, illnesses re-surfacing
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Feeling emotional (balling your eyes out more than usual)
  • Feeling tingling and other sensations in your physical body
  • Food intolerances, allergies and cravings (you may notice that you are craving more food than usual)
  • Changes in energy level (one day you are a super tired sloth...a cute one i must say...and the next day you are a honey badger ready to conquer the world!)
  • Desire to have a stronger connection to your higher self and nature
  • Awareness and changes in relationships (you may feel that you can no longer tolerate a pattern or a dynamic)

So how do you deal with these awesome “Ascension Symptoms”?

  • Get a journal and identify what you are currently experiencing in the moment that feels uncomfortable and give yourself permission to express your emotions onto paper.  Remember writing is an act of expressing from your heart and soul and that itself HEALS.
  • Eat more clean nourishing foods.  Yes your body will want to crave more carbs, sugars etc, however this may be an addiction as a result of not being able to SEE your emotions and stuffing it down with substances that will create more “Ascension Symptoms”.  Remember there is more LIGHT coming in so therefore eating more foods that carry LIGHT will assist in your ascension process.
  • Drink lots of water. This helps with anxiety, feeling super tired, feeling disconnected etc.  Water helps to you to release toxins and be more of a clear conduit.
  • Spend more time in Nature.  This helps with removing electromagnetic interferences and grounding you back to mother earth.
  • Move your body, dance, yoga, swim. This helps to remove any stagnant energies and feel lighter afterwards.
  • If you feel that your body needs to rest...then rest! Remember when you give yourself permission to rest you are nourishing yourself so when it comes to your “action list” it will take way less time and energy.

We are belng called to step into our power, rise up, shine our light, be a rock star so that we are operating from our fullest potential and being of high service to the planet.

Are you ready to let your barriers down and flow with this ascension process in the most empowered joyous loving way possible?



Did the boogy monster get you?

I had a big ``holy ah ha`` moment awhile ago.  It was definitely a deep seated wounding that was revealing itself and I wanted to get to the root of my block so I grabbed my journal, went into my Akashic Records and did some serious investigation on it! Now each one of you have divine innate gifts and talents, and you may have been trying for eons to express them but for whatever reason you end up having to say: `` I haven`t come around to it…I am too busy…I don`t have enough time… dooby dooby doo ``

Well consider that ``I haven`t come around to it…I am too busy…I don`t have enough time… dooby dooby doo `` is all about a big boogy monster that’s in your energy field called Distraction! Eeek!

How often do you find yourself being serenaded by this big boogy monster of distraction?

The most common ways that the energy of distraction can show up is:

  • Overwhelm
  • Avoidance
  • Deflection

These are all forms of resistance.

By choosing to participate with the big boogy monster of distraction you prevent yourself from focusing on your Heart and Soul's calling.

So here some simple steps to assist you to remove your big boogy monster of distraction that aligns you to your Heart and Soul's calling so you can express your divine innate gifts and talents.

  1. Get a journal and sit down in a sacred space. Free of distractions of course!  So that means being away from your T.V., your computer, cell phone and other electronics.
  2. Take a nice deep big breath and ground into your heart centre.  You will know that you are there because you feel calm and may experience different sensations in your body
  3. Ask your higher self what is the most common energy of distraction that has been preventing you from focusing on your Heart and Soul's calling so you can express your divine innate gifts. Is it overwhelm, avoidance, deflection etc.
  4. Now staying in your heart centre taking another deep big breath as your higher self where does this pattern come from and how can you clear it?
  5. Allow whatever needs to come up and write everything down even if it doesn`t make sense.  You will notice that as time goes by you will gain more clarity from your answers.

These are simples step to assist you in having an Awareness with your big boogy monster, and by having Awareness you Heal.



Do you know your soul's purpose?

September is here and everyone is gearing towards another big shift in consciousness. The most exciting thing as you evolve is becoming more aware of what your main passions are in life. Being aware of your passions is also being aware of your soul’s purpose.

Do you know what your soul’s purpose is?

This is a question that I receive a lot from my clients….

“What is my soul’s purpose?” Ah yes…what is your soul’s purpose?

Do you find yourself running in circles, taking a ton of courses, classes, dabbling everywhere, completing tasks left right and centre, and receive no results in the outcome of your life… especially in your business?

If so I invite you to have a heart to heart and ask yourself if you are clear about your soul’s purpose. One of the main reasons for running in circles (I call this the hamster wheel effect) is the lack of awareness of your soul’s purpose. With the lack of awareness it is so easy to keep yourself busy to make it look like you are being of service, but yet you will always feel empty, or to mainly distract yourself from really owning your mission here on this planet.

The avoidance and distraction is just an energy that blocks your soul from accessing your core truth through the fear of letting go of your past old programming and entering into the unknown.

What does it mean to know your souls’ purpose?

Just by knowing your soul’s purpose, you start to make conscious instead of subconscious choices to live in alignment to the universal truth.

You are in your power, you are free, you are expressing your gifts and talents, and you are giving yourself permission to shine your light.


Galactic Journeys @ H.R. MacMillan Space Centre — October 26th, 2011


Galactic Journeys @ H.R. MacMillan Space Centre — October 26th, 2011


Calling all healers, conscious energy workers, yogi's, holistic health care practitioners, artists and everyone on the path of higher consciousness.

Join Master Healer, Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher Baljit Rayat with Soundscape Artist and Conscious Media Producer Derrick Bauman for a galactic, healing journey of light, vision and sound at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in downtown Vancouver, BC on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.

In a completely relaxed setting, you will be led through Baljit's Star Activation™ Healing Method as powerful Star Activations™ are projected under the planetarium's starlit dome.  These animated Star Activation™ projections will be accompanied and amplified by Derrick's ambient and intentional healing soundscapes.  This journey of light and sound will take you both inward and outward, inspiring and empowering you to experience profound energetic shifts on all levels of your being.

Wednesday October 26th, 2011 — 7-9 pm — Doors open at 6:15

Early Bird Tickets - $40 (Ends September 30th) Regular Tickets online - $50 At Door Tickets - $60

Tickets available online through EventBrite or in the real world at Banyen Books

For more information about Baljit Rayat's Star Activation Healing Method click below

For more information about Derrick Bauman's Galactic Healing Soundscapes click below



Simple Solution To Going From Stuck to Creating Your Luck

Do you ever wake up in the morning, or find yourself during the day feeling stuck? What happens next?

All those emotions of anger, frustration, irritation, sadness, guilt and shame come up!

Feeling stuck just means that you are not in the flow.

You see…your body is meant to be in the flow, it is unique like a string instrument.

Your body always needs to be in tune to play its fine music, but with everyday external energies of work, the environment, and relationships it is so easy for your body to become out of tune.

If you ignore your instrument for a long time then the energy of “being stuck” becomes very present.

So how do you transform from Being Stuck to Creating Your Luck?




  • Turn on music and dance like no one is watching
  • Go for walk outside
  • Go to a gym or yoga class
  • Whatever you do…MOVE your Goddess body!


The goal here is to get out of your head and into your unique goddess body!

As you move your body, you become very present to how you feel and why you were feeling stuck.

This creates flow and allows for stagnant energy to move out so that new beautiful energies can come in.

So if you are feeling stuck it is time to fine tune your unique goddess instrument to continue creating luck in your life!

Would you like to learn more simple solutions to being in your Goddess energy?

Click on my Divine Goddess program tab to venture in the possibility of tapping into the power your goddess energy and being a stand for yourself to create miracles in your life.



Entering into 2011 with Gratitude and Abundance

Can you believe that 2011 is already around the corner? Wow what a illuminating, expansive, full year of rapid growth in 2010!

2011 is definitely a year that is arriving with a big surge of excitement to a NEW beginning in connecting to something deeper inside of you.  Can you feel it?

One thing that I love to do during my last days of the year is reflect back on my accomplishments and give gratitude to all those that have supported me along my journey.

Focusing on gratitude brings more abundance into your life because your energy is concentrated on the wonders and magic you experience in your daily life.

Do you focus too much on what you don’t have?

Do you realize that the more you focus on what you don’t have the more you won’t have what you are wanting to have?

You see, YOU are so Powerful that when you put your thoughts and focus on what you do not have, it expands even greater!

Here’s an example of how this situation can show up in life.
Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy is that person who focuses a lot on what he doesn’t have.Jimmy 1

Jimmy notices that he is not making enough money in his business…

Jimmy 2

Jimmy keeps telling everyone that he can’t afford anything…

Jimmy 3

Jimmy then manifests not being able to pay his rent…

Jimmy 4

Jimmy is angry and depressed because he is too focused on what he doesn’t have…

Jimmy 5

Does this sound a bit like you?
It is so simple yet you may notice that it is easy to forget to focus on the positive things in life.
So how does someone focus on gratitude and abundance without thinking about what they don’t have?

EASY!  Here are the 3 simple steps to focus on gratitude and abundance in your life in which I guarantee you more miracles and gifts will appear.

  1. Get a prosperity journal
  2. Each day write down everything that you are grateful for, and what gifts were given to you from the universe.Eg.  Someone may have bought you a latte, or you have extra time to work on a project, going for a massage honouring your physical body, mind and spirit, or receiving help from others.
  3. After writing this down, breathe in the energy of gratitude and positive abundance for the universe assisting you on your journey, and that you are open to receiving more!

See how this energy shifts from what you don’t have into what you really do have.

May Gratitude and Abundance expand exponentially on your journey!



Connect to Your Success

Wow what an amazing morning! I was out for my morning walk under the glistening sun along the beach to give my salutation to the Universe, and receive downloads for my next Global Full Moon Star Activation.

I must admit to you for a good solid hour I was quite frazzled with myself.  I could feel this dense heavy energy around me and I knew something huge was ready to reveal itself.

For a short second I started to feel that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life… “Not feeling successful enough”, can you relate???

There I was going for my walk that was supposed to be full of “happiness” and instead I was feeling the “crappiness.” My Ego was doing it’s best to convince my “I Am” that I was not right where I suppose to be in Life.

So I said to myself…

“Higher Self… Please show me lovingly what is it that you would like to tell me?”

As I made my powerful request to the Universe I was guided to walk past these big logs that are aligned on the wet sand by the ocean.

I thought to myself… Okay I must need to be by the water to allow the beautiful ions from the ocean to shift my energy :D, nope… Not working… :(

So I asked again with more clarity…
“Higher Self… Please “clearly” show me lovingly what I am supposed to see?”

Shortly after I felt an energetic pull to turn around and there it was… in BIG HUGE letters written on a big log saying…


I immediately felt my energy shift and went from feeling “Crappy” to “Happy” once again.

So I ask you, how did my feelings of “Being Unsuccessful” relate to seeing “LOVE YOURSELF” and “SMILE” on a big log at the beach?

Intellectually I know how “Successful” I feel relates to how much I am “Loving Myself” in the moment and I experienced a moment of forgetfulness (as we all do from time to time).

It was crystal clear…

By choosing to Love Myself… I honor my whole being; therefore I create abundance of love and prosperity in ALL areas of my life.

So how was I not able to acknowledge this in the first place?

The answer is simple… “PAST-PROGRAMMING!!!”

I realized that my old feelings came from programming in the past about Success that no longer serves me.

Sometimes we have to remember to “RE-PROGRAM” the “PROGRAMMER” of self and lovingly release our old programming on all levels of our being and fully acknowledge and embrace the universal truth of success.

So, I ask you because I care… How do you reprogram the programs currently running in your own mind, release your own self-imposed, self-limiting beliefs and ensure you’re continuously headed on the correct path of “Success”?

Are you ready to fully acknowledge and embrace Your Universal Truth of SUCCESS?

I invite YOU to join the Lotus Destiny™ Community for my global Star Activation by web or by phone to connect, heal, reveal and affirm Your true radiance of SUCCESS!

“Being and Living” in Your Universal Truth of SUCCESS allows you to discover and let go of old programming that is blocking and preventing You from fully “SEEING”, “BEING” and “EXPERIENCING” Your True Divine Radiance.

This global Star Activation will transform the way you see your current reality and reveal a new reality of continuously experiencing Prosperity and Abundance that will create a shift in your whole being; allowing you to honor Yourself and truly “LOVE YOURSELF NOW!”

SAY YES TO SUCCESS and invest in Yourself today!