Since our powerful new moon and solar eclipse that happened on May 20th there has definitely been a rapid up-leveling with relationships, careers, and a sudden urge to find out more about connecting to a higher level of consciousness. Have you been feeling this way?

With these shifts in bringing more light to our physical self and our consciousness there has been many as what I like to call it “Ascension Symptoms”.

Ascension means raising your vibration and increasing more light in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and other bodies.

With that being said as more light comes in to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies, your subconscious blocks that no longer serve you are being pushed to the surface to be released.  This brings an opportunity for you to have an awareness of your blocks and heal so that you are raising your vibration with ease instead of full resistance to let go of what no longer serves you.

If however you choose to ignore your blocks or notice an imbalance to your physical, mental, emotional, and other bodies you may experience “Ascension Symptoms”.

“Ascension Symptoms” occur when the cosmic energies that are coming in are very strong and you have a hard time fully integrating all the energies. With more light coming into your physical and other bodies AND the planet there are a lot of releasing of toxins.

Here are some “Ascension Symptoms” that you may be experiencing:

  • Changing of sleep patterns
  • Feeling anxiety, stress or overwhelm
  • Old patterns, blocks, illnesses re-surfacing
  • Feeling disoriented
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Feeling emotional (balling your eyes out more than usual)
  • Feeling tingling and other sensations in your physical body
  • Food intolerances, allergies and cravings (you may notice that you are craving more food than usual)
  • Changes in energy level (one day you are a super tired sloth...a cute one i must say...and the next day you are a honey badger ready to conquer the world!)
  • Desire to have a stronger connection to your higher self and nature
  • Awareness and changes in relationships (you may feel that you can no longer tolerate a pattern or a dynamic)

So how do you deal with these awesome “Ascension Symptoms”?

  • Get a journal and identify what you are currently experiencing in the moment that feels uncomfortable and give yourself permission to express your emotions onto paper.  Remember writing is an act of expressing from your heart and soul and that itself HEALS.
  • Eat more clean nourishing foods.  Yes your body will want to crave more carbs, sugars etc, however this may be an addiction as a result of not being able to SEE your emotions and stuffing it down with substances that will create more “Ascension Symptoms”.  Remember there is more LIGHT coming in so therefore eating more foods that carry LIGHT will assist in your ascension process.
  • Drink lots of water. This helps with anxiety, feeling super tired, feeling disconnected etc.  Water helps to you to release toxins and be more of a clear conduit.
  • Spend more time in Nature.  This helps with removing electromagnetic interferences and grounding you back to mother earth.
  • Move your body, dance, yoga, swim. This helps to remove any stagnant energies and feel lighter afterwards.
  • If you feel that your body needs to rest...then rest! Remember when you give yourself permission to rest you are nourishing yourself so when it comes to your “action list” it will take way less time and energy.

We are belng called to step into our power, rise up, shine our light, be a rock star so that we are operating from our fullest potential and being of high service to the planet.

Are you ready to let your barriers down and flow with this ascension process in the most empowered joyous loving way possible?