It has been over a week where I received an opportunity to house and dog sit for my cousin in LA.

When I first arrived I had everything planned to explore the city and meet friends.  My Soul on the other hand had a different plan.  As the week went by I was feeling a deep sense of sadness and grief wanting to cocoon myself, and stay inside.  I realized that I had some letting go to do, but could not pin point exactly what that was.

Being here in LA has forced me to sit with stepping outside of my comfort zone, by exactly doing that in stepping outside of Vancouver. I have created a safe haven for myself nested close to the water in my apartment, feeling cozy in my business in Vancouver.  My Soul, however, has been asking for more so I could be of higher service and more aligned to my purpose.

By accessing my Akashic Records I saw how I have keeping myself in a “safe” mold instead of expanding.  The illusion I was holding was if I stepped outside of this mold I would experience all kinds of rejection.  So instead of choosing to step out of my comfort zone to expand, I was choosing to contract.  Can you relate?

What areas in your life are you choosing to stay in your comfort zone when you know your soul is urging to expand (e.g. intimate relationship, location, business)?

When you choose to acknowledge the truth transformation happens.  It is the illusions that keep you trapped in creating unhealthy situations, and prevents you from truly living your purpose.

All it takes is one step in making an empowered choice in consciously creating what you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Are you ready to take that first step?

If so I invite you to learn how to access your very own Akashic Records in receiving direct guidance and support on your journey.  The Akashic Records is one of the deepest healing tools that can create rapid shifts and I'm excited to share this you.  Join me on June 24th and 25th for the online Akashic Records Level 1 certification training.  

Much love,