Wow what an amazing morning! I was out for my morning walk under the glistening sun along the beach to give my salutation to the Universe, and receive downloads for my next Global Full Moon Star Activation.

I must admit to you for a good solid hour I was quite frazzled with myself.  I could feel this dense heavy energy around me and I knew something huge was ready to reveal itself.

For a short second I started to feel that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life… “Not feeling successful enough”, can you relate???

There I was going for my walk that was supposed to be full of “happiness” and instead I was feeling the “crappiness.” My Ego was doing it’s best to convince my “I Am” that I was not right where I suppose to be in Life.

So I said to myself…

“Higher Self… Please show me lovingly what is it that you would like to tell me?”

As I made my powerful request to the Universe I was guided to walk past these big logs that are aligned on the wet sand by the ocean.

I thought to myself… Okay I must need to be by the water to allow the beautiful ions from the ocean to shift my energy :D, nope… Not working… :(

So I asked again with more clarity…
“Higher Self… Please “clearly” show me lovingly what I am supposed to see?”

Shortly after I felt an energetic pull to turn around and there it was… in BIG HUGE letters written on a big log saying…


I immediately felt my energy shift and went from feeling “Crappy” to “Happy” once again.

So I ask you, how did my feelings of “Being Unsuccessful” relate to seeing “LOVE YOURSELF” and “SMILE” on a big log at the beach?

Intellectually I know how “Successful” I feel relates to how much I am “Loving Myself” in the moment and I experienced a moment of forgetfulness (as we all do from time to time).

It was crystal clear…

By choosing to Love Myself… I honor my whole being; therefore I create abundance of love and prosperity in ALL areas of my life.

So how was I not able to acknowledge this in the first place?

The answer is simple… “PAST-PROGRAMMING!!!”

I realized that my old feelings came from programming in the past about Success that no longer serves me.

Sometimes we have to remember to “RE-PROGRAM” the “PROGRAMMER” of self and lovingly release our old programming on all levels of our being and fully acknowledge and embrace the universal truth of success.

So, I ask you because I care… How do you reprogram the programs currently running in your own mind, release your own self-imposed, self-limiting beliefs and ensure you’re continuously headed on the correct path of “Success”?

Are you ready to fully acknowledge and embrace Your Universal Truth of SUCCESS?

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“Being and Living” in Your Universal Truth of SUCCESS allows you to discover and let go of old programming that is blocking and preventing You from fully “SEEING”, “BEING” and “EXPERIENCING” Your True Divine Radiance.

This global Star Activation will transform the way you see your current reality and reveal a new reality of continuously experiencing Prosperity and Abundance that will create a shift in your whole being; allowing you to honor Yourself and truly “LOVE YOURSELF NOW!”

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