Do you have healthy boundaries?

As you align to your soul’s purpose you may notice your relationships changing whether it is with an intimate partner, friends, business, or work.  Why is this?  It is because any old programming that is in the way of you aligning to your purpose are being released.  This also means old relationship patterns and dynamics can no longer play out as it doesn’t serve the new vibration that you are stepping into.

How often do you give yourself permission to step into this new vibration trusting and knowing that you are supported with the respect that you deserve?

Do you fear that by stepping up into a new vibration you will not receive support, receive a better relationship, or career?  If so then chances are you have unhealthy boundaries.  Don’t get confused though with having barriers.

Barriers are when you are “trying” to protect yourself to keep you safe.  This can also look like a form of control where you keep controlling your outcomes, situations, and relationships.

When you have barriers you block opportunities because there is a false belief system that is keeping you from your truth.  For example, if you believe that you are constantly inviting dark entities in your energy field and you have to shield yourself two thousand times a day, you are creating a barrier by carrying this false belief system.

If you believe that the “issue” or block is “out there” you are creating a barrier, when really it is inside of you.  By acknowledging the block is within there is an opportunity to step into your truth and release the old programming.

Healthy boundaries is when you embody your universal truth and choose to respect and honour that truth.  By embodying the universal truth you create freedom within, because you are choosing to be empowered and giving others the gift to do the same :)

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