September is here and everyone is gearing towards another big shift in consciousness. The most exciting thing as you evolve is becoming more aware of what your main passions are in life. Being aware of your passions is also being aware of your soul’s purpose.

Do you know what your soul’s purpose is?

This is a question that I receive a lot from my clients….

“What is my soul’s purpose?” Ah yes…what is your soul’s purpose?

Do you find yourself running in circles, taking a ton of courses, classes, dabbling everywhere, completing tasks left right and centre, and receive no results in the outcome of your life… especially in your business?

If so I invite you to have a heart to heart and ask yourself if you are clear about your soul’s purpose. One of the main reasons for running in circles (I call this the hamster wheel effect) is the lack of awareness of your soul’s purpose. With the lack of awareness it is so easy to keep yourself busy to make it look like you are being of service, but yet you will always feel empty, or to mainly distract yourself from really owning your mission here on this planet.

The avoidance and distraction is just an energy that blocks your soul from accessing your core truth through the fear of letting go of your past old programming and entering into the unknown.

What does it mean to know your souls’ purpose?

Just by knowing your soul’s purpose, you start to make conscious instead of subconscious choices to live in alignment to the universal truth.

You are in your power, you are free, you are expressing your gifts and talents, and you are giving yourself permission to shine your light.