Can you believe that 2011 is already around the corner? Wow what a illuminating, expansive, full year of rapid growth in 2010!

2011 is definitely a year that is arriving with a big surge of excitement to a NEW beginning in connecting to something deeper inside of you.  Can you feel it?

One thing that I love to do during my last days of the year is reflect back on my accomplishments and give gratitude to all those that have supported me along my journey.

Focusing on gratitude brings more abundance into your life because your energy is concentrated on the wonders and magic you experience in your daily life.

Do you focus too much on what you don’t have?

Do you realize that the more you focus on what you don’t have the more you won’t have what you are wanting to have?

You see, YOU are so Powerful that when you put your thoughts and focus on what you do not have, it expands even greater!

Here’s an example of how this situation can show up in life.
Meet Jimmy!

Jimmy is that person who focuses a lot on what he doesn’t have.Jimmy 1

Jimmy notices that he is not making enough money in his business…

Jimmy 2

Jimmy keeps telling everyone that he can’t afford anything…

Jimmy 3

Jimmy then manifests not being able to pay his rent…

Jimmy 4

Jimmy is angry and depressed because he is too focused on what he doesn’t have…

Jimmy 5

Does this sound a bit like you?
It is so simple yet you may notice that it is easy to forget to focus on the positive things in life.
So how does someone focus on gratitude and abundance without thinking about what they don’t have?

EASY!  Here are the 3 simple steps to focus on gratitude and abundance in your life in which I guarantee you more miracles and gifts will appear.

  1. Get a prosperity journal
  2. Each day write down everything that you are grateful for, and what gifts were given to you from the universe.Eg.  Someone may have bought you a latte, or you have extra time to work on a project, going for a massage honouring your physical body, mind and spirit, or receiving help from others.
  3. After writing this down, breathe in the energy of gratitude and positive abundance for the universe assisting you on your journey, and that you are open to receiving more!

See how this energy shifts from what you don’t have into what you really do have.

May Gratitude and Abundance expand exponentially on your journey!