The more you deflect awareness to yourself, the more your issues will repeat itself.  

As mercury moves into retrograde towards the end of this month past relationship patterns are resurfacing as an opportunity to clear deep karma and self sabotage by reclaiming self worth and setting clear healthy boundaries.

Most importantly my guides have been sharing the message to be very gentle and aware when experiencing intense emotions such as frustration, sadness, resentment etc.  My initial thoughts were “oh yay...crap”, however they reassured me that this is an initiation into activating the codes of alignment that have been lying dormant within.

These codes of alignment are keys to unlocking your greatest potential.  By awakening these codes you are able to access deeper information connected to your intuitive gifts. 

There will be less “looking out there” for answers and a sense of knowingness of your next action steps moving forward.  This is the next level of empowerment available to you creating rapid alignment to your soul’s mission. 

If you find yourself having thoughts such as...
“I thought I have already dealt with that!”
“Why does this keep happening?”

Circling in frustration like a hamster on a wheel, again be gentle, and take this as a positive gesture than a negative to clear the deepest root cause to your pain and suffering that is preventing you from accessing your gifts.

This is part of the ascension process as pockets of dense energy that are holding trauma locks in your cellular memory are being released.  In raising your vibration these trauma locks will reveal itself, so it is important to remain with a state of truth and awareness, being in observation instead of reaction.

Think of it like being a Jedi, when you experience a reoccurring pattern ask your higher self to go deeper in how to remain in a state of truth instead of reaction. 

There is a difference in embracing your truth than reacting to it.  Reaction comes from resistance of letting go of the old constructs that deflect your truth.  


Forgiveness of Self

The parts where you thought you have forgiven others for cannot be fully integrated till you have truly forgiven yourself.  Forgiveness of self allows you to surrender to your truth, and release the deep karma and self sabotaging energies.

You may carry guilt, shame, betrayal that may not be easy to look at.  It is time to give yourself permission to transmute your burdens and live your soul’s mission.

When choosing to surrender to your truth, reaction transform into compassion.  The state of compassion is where miracles happen.