Have you ever heard the saying when there is death, there is life?

It has been seven months since a dear friend and soul brother passed away.  He was a best friend to many who brought so much pizzaz into peoples lives with his big muscular tattooed body, bleached split horned goatee, piercings, shiny bald head, and a big smile.  Although his looks may have been deceiving, he was a teddy bear that gave the longest care bear hugs till the guarded walls would disintegrate into eternity.

What was difficult for me to digest was that my friend chose to leave this physical plane by taking his own life.  It was a wake up call of how powerful our thoughts can be with the free will we have to take an empowered or disempowered path.

His death activated me so deeply where I was reflected back of times from early adulthood to a young teenager having those thoughts of not wanting to be here on this planet.  I felt like I didn’t belong like a lonely star being alien, confused, and misunderstood, when really I didn’t know myself.

I didn’t know what my Soul’s Purpose was, and parts of me were already checking out.  My Soul wanted to know the Truth of who I really am.

I then chose to look at those past fragments of the early adulthood to the young teenager self where those thoughts were hidden and stagnant within my present self.  I chose to wake those fragments up by speaking to all parts that have declared not to be here, to BE Here.  I shared to those parts our Soul’s Purpose so that we can be congruent with the present self to live an empowered path.

We are multidimensional beings.  That means our past self and future self exist in the now, and we have access to all dimensions of ourselves to bring healing on all levels.

When we experience death, whether it is a physical death, a break up, leaving a career or location, or even taking a different path, there is an illusion of separation as old energies including karma are being released.  This triggers a response in your cellular memory mostly from your past self of any belief systems that lay dormant giving it an opportunity to be released upon your free will if you so choose.

The more suffering we experience the more attached we are to our belief systems as it is common to fear the unknown.

My friend's passing reminded me about my Soul’s Purpose, and to release the parts that were incongruent to it.  That means no more settling, no more bull***t, speak my truth more (honey badger style if need be), and to be a stand for my truth.

The three dimensional reality is precious and there is purpose in us all.  Choose your path wisely and leave your legacy in this world.