“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.”

This quote perfectly describes the theme that I have been witnessing over the last few weeks with my clients.  It was an old pattern of consistently needing to seek approval externally because of their lack of self worth.

This reminded me of how I used to be a people pleaser over giving my time, my energy, my power to my family, friendships, intimate relationships, and even my old workplace.

I had this misconception that if I rescue everyone by being a people pleaser I would be worthy and valued as a super awesome person.  Instead it was the complete opposite.  I felt drained, resentful, and felt like shit.

Not only did this lead to depression experiencing severe panic attacks on a frequent basis, I was at a point where I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to be on this planet.  

I had created a disconnect within myself by seeking approval from others.

I still remember that day back in 2005, I was sitting on my apartment balcony in Toronto and had my first conscious conversation with Source.  In deep surrender I said “Okay God...WTF! Tell me what to do.  Do I stay or do I leave?  If I am to stay please show me the way. I surrender”.  

This was me really saying “Am I valuable and worthy enough to be here on this planet? If so, show me the way.”

It was in the same week where the power of surrender, and making a request to the Universe that I received an email out of nowhere about the Akashic Records.   

Ask and you shall receive!

Intrigued and having no idea what the Akashic Records was, I nervously registered into having a reading, and the rest was history.  My Soul knew that this was a game changer for me.

Within 6 months of receiving readings and then learning the Akashic Records all in half a year all my panic attacks, depression went away by healing the root causes of it.  

I learned how I gave my power away to everyone based on the many programming past, present and parallel that interfered with my daily functions.  

As I chose to claim my power back I was finally able to see myself as a conduit of light, I (AND YOU) are fully worthy and valuable.  

You came here to learn and share your gifts to awaken the consciousness of the planet.  That is to LIVE for!

It is my passion and joy to teach the Akashic Records because to assist one in embodying their truth within brings the greatest transformations and shifts.

The more you search outside of yourself the more you will disconnect.

The more you search within yourself the more you will connect.

And so it is.  

Are you ready to tap into the truth of all that you are, and learn how to access the most powerful tool to support your Soul's existence?

Join me this September 24th & 25th for the Akashic Records Level 1 Certification, and connect to the power that is already within you!