Have you ever heard the phrase “detach from the outcome”?

It’s a healthy reminder for us to stay in the present moment. To let us know that things are going to play out how they are meant to, not necessarily how we want them to - and for us to be okay with allowing things to happen as they need to. Detaching from the outcome is a mantra I’ve reminded myself of in many situations, and it has helped tremendously.

And the coolest part is, when you’re truly able to detach things will get a lot easier, I promise.

So what does letting go and “detaching from the outcome” really mean?

Not to be confused with “being checked” out or “not caring”, detaching yourself from the outcome simply means that you remove all expectations of how things will play out.

We’ve all been there, and I know this is not easy.

Picture this: your mother-in-law (or insert alternative difficult family member) is coming to town and they want to stay with you. You then start conjuring up all the scenarios in your head about how things could go wrong (and right), and you start planning out the activities you are going to do and visualize how you will feel doing them. Now, while planning is totally fine, the issue arises when you become attached to the plan and how it is going to play out. So let’s say your mother-in-law doesn’t want to do the activities you planned or things just don’t go the way you anticipated, this is when we are often left feeling angry, controlled and experiencing negative emotions. We feel out of control and things are not going how we planned.

When you’re attached to an outcome, often selective feeling is present and we only experience what we want, deflecting what we truly need to be aware of.   

Holding on to an expectation or story can sometimes feel good in the moment but it’s much more harmful than letting go and surrendering to the truth.

Take a moment to ask yourself, what attachments am I holding onto?

As in your personal life, the need to let go of attachments is also present in your business.

When you fully understand this and can practice the art of surrender and letting go, you’ll allow things to flow to you as if by magic.  

If you’re attached to winning over a client, you’ve already created restriction in your energy field that doesn’t allow for alignment. You are showing up from a place of need, of desperation and lacking confidence, which will be detected by your future prospect. This puts you into a fear-based mentality, which is contagious, making your client(s) show up as your mirror.  Not only is this no fun at all, but it’s a detriment to your client, your work and a disservice to showcasing your true talents and abilities.

So how do you detach from the outcome?

It starts with a strong mindset and deep connection to your intuition. Tapping into yourself without external influence allows you to feel the alignment offering space for what’s best and in your highest good.

Set your intentions, declare it to the universe and continue to remain open with how things play out. Alignment is a non-linear process. Accept how it wants to show up, letting go of how you think it needs to show up. As human beings, we cannot see the divine workings of the universe and we don’t always know what we need or how it will come our way.

Life after letting go of expectations

When there are unhealthy patterns in your life, your soul wants to let go of what no longer serves but there may be resistance in letting that pattern go as it is familiar and safe.

Resistance acts as a security blanket or attachment because there is a fear of loss or change. This fear of loss is an illusion, rather it’s the fear of the unknown that the ego is most afraid of.

Experiencing change can be scary but when you choose to surrender you open up to possibilities that were not present with the previous attachments.

When we finally possess the ability to let go of what no longer serves us, we are making space for the greatness that we know lies inside.

It’s all about letting go and trusting that your intuition will align you to your core truth, creating the desired freedom within.