You can imagine what I will be talking about today...that is right, I got shat on by a bird!

The other day I had an amazing morning co-facilitating a networking event, and after a very important meeting planning my next endeavors for Lotus Destiny I thought to myself walking home “Let’s take this path!”.

Feeling so giddy inside I turned the corner to take the path that was chosen, and it was like a movie in slow motion.  I saw a bunch people look up at the sky thinking they were just looking at a cool building, but no it was a BIG seagull.

Next thing I knew I got brutally soiled.  Thankfully, two women pulled me aside like Angels and immediately took out their wet-wipes to help me wipe off the wonderful bird shit from my face, my chest, the side and front of my shirt, my pants, and my legs!

The funny thing was the two women were excited for me saying that this was a big blessing.  I laughed, yet something deep inside switched as we continued to converse with each other.

It was in that moment my feelings of being completely embarrassed, and annoyed shifted into seeing this as a blessing.   It was all about perspective in how I was choosing to experience this incident, even if it looked a little shitty (literally).

Have you ever had anything happen to you where it totally threw your day off, or felt taken off your path?

Consider that this was part of your path the entire time, and by free will your soul chose to experience certain circumstances to receive the deepest wisdom and healing for your soul's growth.

By being a victim to your circumstances you limit your ability to embrace the wisdom required to raise your vibration and step into empowerment.  When you choose to be empowered, you free yourself from suffering, and experience the truth.

Train yourself to find the blessing in everything...