With the rapid increase in elevating our consciousness we are literally being forced to face our truth or to hide from it! I have been a witness to many as when it comes to having an awareness your vibration increases and shifts occur which then can cause change to relationships, your career and even your identity.

When choosing to step into your authentic power by living your soul’s purpose it is important to surround yourself with those that support you in doing so versus supporting you to live in your wounding.

When you receive support from others to live in your wounding you will notice a constant pattern of frustration, running in circles and most of all...you feel trapped.

So how do you know if you are currently being supported in living your wounding versus living your soul’s purpose by others?

  • Your request or boundaries are not being heard or met
  • You feel that your “space” is being invaded
  • Your friend or colleague takes on your wounding so you can feel better temporarily
  • You feel drained at times
  • You feel resentful at times
  • You have disconnected from your authentic friends or colleagues who support you to live your purpose
  • You sometimes feel that you are walking on eggshells around your friend or colleague
  • You maybe carrying your friend’s or colleague’s wounding for the sake of “being love and accepted”

These are just a few.  If any of these sign’s speak to you chances are you are being supported to live in your wounding versus your truth.

Now if you are in this place then ask yourself how it serving you to have those support you in your wounding?

Do you believe that it is safe?

Do you believe that it is the only way to get energy?

Do you believe that if you are supported in to live in your wounding that it’s the only way to relate to others?

Do you believe that if you live your soul’s purpose that there is no such thing as support and that you will be all alone?!

Like attracts like, so if your associating with those that chooses to live in their wounding then on some level you are doing the same and not even aware of it.

There are many reasons as to why you may choose to live in your wounding.  If you have this awareness then have compassion for yourself and for others.  Your friends or colleagues are just as sacred as you are and it takes an empowered participant instead of a victim to break the pattern that not only serves you but those around you who were supporting you to live in your wounding.

When you choose to be supported to live your soul’s purpose you inspire others to do the same AND you feel freedom from within!

So what do you choose?

Be supported to live in your wounding or be supported to live your soul’s purpose?