Do you ever feel fragmented where your soul feels scattered in different places? 

Feeling fragmented is a common symptom of being disconnected from your true self that can cause overwhelm, confusion, and stagnation in your energy field.

Why might this be happening?

Being in this three dimensional reality can be extremely overwhelming that sometimes the “safest” way to protect yourself is through distraction, avoidance, dissociation, and leaving your body which keeps you away from living your soul’s purpose.

When you experience trauma your soul will create a misconception or a story causing an interference pattern in your energy field.  This can create a feeling of being fragmented because your soul has decided that it is not safe to fully be in your body, or fully integrate your gifts (because you carry a misconception that you will punished, persecuted etc).

By bringing awareness to your misconception or story, the interference pattern is released from your energy field and you realign back to your Universal Truth.  Your Universal Truth is the truth of all that is beyond the human truth.  It is the very thing that allows you to live your soul’s purpose, and express your divine gifts and talents.

Are you ready to clear feeling fragmented and ground back into your body so you can experience living your soul’s purpose?


Here is a Star Activation healing you can receive now to integrate and call back your soul fragments:

  1. Sit up straight and make sure you are in an uninterrupted space
  2. Focus on the Star Activation Blueprint image below and ask to receive energies of the highest light and order by imagining your soul fragments coming back to you from all spaces, times and dimensions.  There is not right or wrong, so allow your intuition to lead with how you choose to receive the energies.  You can even close your eyes if it helps, and call in all of your guides connecting to your higher self.  Take note if you see images or experience discomfort in your body as they are keys for you to look deeper into with where you may have misplaced your soul fragments.  Call all of your energy back till you feel complete.
  3. Notice how you feel, and journal any shifts in the next few days.

Ready to go reclaim back your personal power, and finally receive clarity on what your soul has been longing for?

To support you in your Soul's calling, receive your own personal Star Activation Soul Blueprint in reawakening who you really are.  Click on the button below for more info!