Discover Your Soul Blueprint

Welcome to Your Home Coming…

This magical 2 month Star Activation™ healing journey is designed to help you awaken who you really are by supporting you to connect to your true infinite potential, become embodied to express your gifts and talents fully, and as a result live your soul’s purpose.

As a creative visionary you’ll learn key secrets to understand and hone in your message of your gifts and talents.

Are you a creative visionary?
A creative visionary is someone who thinks outside the box, are ahead of their time, and uses their creativity in service of a vision that is extraordinary. Being a creative visionary can be a bit daunting and rewarding at the same time because you’re doing something out of the norm in making a difference.

It’s a way of being where you get to express your creative power, share your gifts, and create epic shit.

This virtual homecoming will support you with Star Activation™ healing energies that activate your light body, reconnects you to the deepest awareness of your soul and your intuitive abilities so that you can gain clarity on your creative gifts and be able to express them into physical reality.

Isn't it time to put your dreams into reality and be all that you can be?

You can finally reclaim…

  • Your authentic power and have a sense of belonging here on this planet.

  • Your Soul's Purpose

  • Your Divine Gifts and Talents

  • Tangible results as a Creative Visionary

Here’s what you’re going to receive in this incredible 2 month journey as I will be transmitting 7 key elements that will Awaken Who You Are:

1. Connection to Source/Universal and Cosmic Energies

This session focuses on healing your connection to Source. When connecting to Source/Universal and Cosmic energies you’re giving yourself permission to receive your truth on all levels of your being. This removes self sabotaging patterns of receiving healing allowing you to be receptive to flow and abundance. This first session brings amazing results in shifting your energy bringing in trust and confidence to your healing journey.

2. Balance of Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and other bodies

In order to connect to who you really are integration of all of your bodies is required so that all of your cells are able to respond to your true nature. If you can imagine particles of yourself scattered everywhere it is hard to focus on You. Therefore all of your fragments mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and other bodies need to be balanced.

3. Connection to Creation Story; Discovering, recovering and embracing your Souls Mission

Your creation storey is the point of where your soul comes from and why you have come to this planet. By discovering your mission you unveil the mask that you may have taken on by society, your ancestors and other deep seated programming that is not in alignment of your Soul’s mission.

4. Restoration and Structure

This session is the foundation that will support you in restoring your light body, DNA and RNA. By restoring your light body, DNA and RNA you remove interference and resistance that blocks your path to living in alignment to your Soul’s mission.

5. Discovering, recovering and embracing your Gifts and Talents

Do you know what your innate gifts and talents are? This session reveals the truth of your innate gifts and talents and how to utilize them in alignment to your soul’s mission. By discovering your gifts and talents you’ll learn to live with passion which is your birthright and to share your message to the universe.

6. The Key-initiation to all of your Creations

This is to initiation to putting your gifts and talents into action, into physical reality by removing the barriers of what’s stopping you from stepping into your power as a creative visionary.

7. Spiritual Alchemy

This session focuses on reaching a transformation in your path using your unique voice, inspiration, wisdom, creativity, and expression in that reveals your Soul’s Destiny.

You’ll Receive…

  1. 7 -1hour group healing calls with star-activation healings.

  2. Live Q&A intuitive coaching at the end of each call.

  3. BONUS 1hour integration call.

  4. Audio recordings of all calls.

Now close your eyes after reviewing this program and notice how you feel and where you would see yourself after completing this 2 month program.

Imagine those wonderful creative gifts and talents that you hold inside of You being expressed!

It’s time for your homecoming…

Discover Your Soul Blueprint Program

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