Congratulations on taking a big leap to your creative visionary journey in accessing the deeper part of who you really are that is ready to shine!

1. Please complete the questions provided below. Create a sacred space and time for yourself to thoroughly read each question by going into your heart and then providing your heart given answer for each question. Take your time to reflect on each question as you are activating your Soul Purpose vision, and allows for me to understand of how I can best be of service to you.

2. After answering all questions, please make sure to click the “submit” button at the bottom of this application. This will e-mail the form directly to (this form is private and confidential, your answers will only remain with me as I honour your sacred privacy and vision.)

3. If your application is accepted, I will be letting you know right away by sending you an email along with options for appointment times. Once your appointment is booked, you will receive all the wonderful information required for your special call.

Please email your application as soon as possible to book your appointment as there is very little room in my calendar.

Really grant yourself the gift for taking action and surrendering to your true heart’s desire.

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