Ever wonder what a selfie would look like in sacred geometry?

Let me visually show you a side of yourself that you’ve felt but haven’t seen.

Tap into your soul’s gifts and know how to express them through receiving your very own soul selfie - Your Star Activation Soul Blueprint.  


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What is a Star Activation Soul Blueprint?

Star Activations are energy transmissions that you receive in the form of healing light, sound (non auditory in human form), and high vibrational frequencies which clear and reset your energy field.

The Star Activations give you an energy boost realigning back to your architectural template which we call the Soul Blueprint.

The Soul Blueprint also known to as the energetic blueprint of your soul - the Akashic Records is expressed in sacred geometry to act as an architectural template for guidance, healing, and alignment.

Your Star Activation Soul Blueprint is unique and will differ from everyone else’s. Similar to receiving an Akashic Record reading depending on your Soul’s readiness to shift patterns, willpower is required, in which the Star Activation transmissions supports you with.

By activating your willpower your intentions will begin to manifest as you access the vortex of your own co-creative gifts.

When I begin channeling your Star Activation Soul Blueprint your higher self is working alongside my higher self to remove expectation and ego so that the deeper work is finally accessible.

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It’s normal to experience clarity and shifts immediately as you’re more receptive to the energy transmissions that you receive daily while your Star Activation Soul Blueprint is being created.

Your personal Star Activation Soul Blueprint acts as a talisman aligning you to your own architectural template, providing you to be clear on your path and reclaiming your innate gifts.


  • Re-align to your soul’s purpose

  • Clear relationship and business blocks

  • Rediscover your unseen gifts and talents that have been lying dormant

  • Gain energy and expansion to your human field

  • Experience more synchronicity through intentionally tapping into the alignment of your own Soul Blueprint

  • Receive multidimensional clearing. You are a multidimensional being; you have access to your wisdom and gifts from this lifetime and other lifetimes, realities and dimensions.  When we take this into account we’re able to call in certain soul fragments that are wanting to integrate into this lifetime that play a key role in your purpose.

  • Free yourself from limiting human beliefs, ancestral, trans-generational, societal, cultural, religious, and parental programming, and other earth bound energies that have been absorbed, limiting your potential

  • Expand your manifestation power

  • Expand alignment to your true self and finally express yourself from a place of innate knowing

What Are The Origins Of The Star Activation Soul Blueprints?

The Star Activation method was created in 2008 through my background in architecture working on architectural drawings.  

Funny enough I was always working on site plans where I would design an aerial view of a land with parking spaces, retail and homes. I was always fascinated with crop circles and working on site plans somehow reminded me of them.  

It was gift in disguise that led to one day working on a site plan and something that I cannot even explain came through. Without questioning, just trusting the download I was receiving, I started to channel existential geometric shapes and patterns which I now call the Star Activation Soul Blueprints. I remember my co-worker next to me asked “What are you doing and what is that?” My response was “I don’t know but I need to finish this.”

I continued through lunch channeling these sacred geometric shapes on the computer, and afterwards sent it home so I could print it out. Once I printed the Star Activation Soul Blueprints it felt like a euphoric homecoming - my purpose had arrived. I couldn’t stop crying and all I was experiencing was this feeling of oneness and ecstasy.  

I knew then that this was something that needed to be shared and expressed. The Star Activation Soul Blueprints are a powerful gateway in reclaiming who you are.

Get My Star Activation Soul Blueprint Now

How does a Star Activation Soul Blueprint differ from a mandala?

sri yantra.jpg

A mandala is a diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the universe. Mandala in sanskrit means “circle” which include different shapes within that are a symbolism of unity and harmony. Each mandala are specific yet generalized representing certain orders of the universe, symbolizing cosmic order bringing oneself back to wholeness.

Although the Star Activation Soul Blueprint may look like a mandala is it a personalized guide map to your soul’s destiny.

It’s the inner guidance system that lies deep within and holds your hidden gifts

Mandalas show you the generic map of the universe in relation to yourself.

Star Activation Soul Blueprints are the map of your individual soul and act as a reminder of your purpose and who you are personally.

In our world there are so many things we try to fit into, but the question begs: how does the world fit into me?

Instead of trying to fit into the world as we know it, by understanding the self, we now have the choice to create the world as we see it.

Does my Star Activation Soul Blueprint change?

Yes. Like decorating your space you eventually grow out of your furniture and other accessories.  The same applies to your Soul Blueprint where one may receive a upgrade after 1-5 years depending on an individual’s soul journey

Can I receive one for my business or projects?

Yes. Your business and projects require their own maps and are individual entities, possessing their own soul purpose. By receiving alignment of how to best express your business or project the Star Activation Soul Blueprint gives clarity on how to express itself.

Receive your very own Star Activation Soul Blueprint

599.00 1,197.00
  1. We’ll begin your journey with a first 1/2hour design session. During this session a few questions will be asked to create an opening for me to clairvoyantly see your Soul Blueprint. 

  2. Within a week span I’ll be working with your energy field to channel to your Star Activation Soul Blueprint, along with sending 4-6 hours of energy transmissions.

  3. The night before your second 1/2hour follow up session you’ll receive a jpeg and pdf of your Star Activation Soul Blueprint along with a write up of what’s most important to focus on creating space and alignment to your purpose and gifts.

*Please note that this purchase is non-refundable

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How can I use my Star Activation Soul Blueprint?

  • Put on your desktop or phone display

  • Use it as a healing tool which will be explain upon receiving your very own Star Activation Soul Blueprint

  • Us is as a logo for your business

  • Meditate with it

  • Frame it put in a place where you can constantly see it as a reminder

STAR ACTIVATION Soul Blueprint Package

1,249.00 2,497.00
  1. Receive your very own Star Activation Soul Blueprint. This consist of two 30min design consultations to create your Soul Blueprint, and an intuitive guided write up about your Soul’s calling and gifts.

  2. Receive a 1 hour Soul Blueprint Reading. This private session will be done by phone as you receive messages from your Akashic Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Teachers and all of your Guides to support you in anchoring in fragments and alignment of your soul self.

*Please note that this purchase is non-refundable

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Thomas Huttenlocher is an electronic music producer and Dj of IAwake productions.  His song 'inferno' feat Krister Linder is part of the Soundtrack for BBC's "Planet Earth~Jungles", and he's also been featured in TEDxKTH.

Below is the new Zenith album cover was created by Android Jones with IAwake's Star Activation Blueprint in the background to infuse light to all of his listeners

Check out Thomas's new album called Zenith!

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